Dlink Router Local

DLink routers are the most popular and demanding routers in the market. One can access and configure the wireless Dlink router by using dlinkrouter.local as a login address. Once you made all the advanced setting, you are supposed to login to your router through dlinkrouter.local as a registered address. By this link, you will get access to the main login page of your Dlink router where you need to enter the login credentials such as username and password for your router.  If in case you are not able to access the login page of your router, then it shows that you have not configured your router correctly. Make sure that before moving forward, you must configure the router professionally by accessing the dlinkrouter.local.


  • How could I reset my Dlink router?

If your Dlink router was previously set up by a specialist or used to connect to the Internet through another provider, you must reset all settings to factory settings. It is quite easy to do this. It is necessary to take a toothpick or a needle, turn on the device and find behind the “Reset” button, hidden under the body. Then press it and hold for a few seconds. After this, wait for the reboot of the router.

  • Please help me out to change the password of my router?

To begin with, we recommend changing the access code to the “Settings Panel”. To do this, perform the following actions:

  • Open the “Tools ” tab located at the top of the panel.
  • In the left part we find and open the item “Admin “.
  • In the sections ” Admin Password ” and ” User Password ” enter the password you invented into the ” Password ” line and confirm it in the ” Verify Password ” line .
  • Save the changes with the button “Save Settings”
  • How to log in to the router section?To configure the Dlink router, in the shell of the device, click on the “SETUP” area and go to the main place of the device changes.
    • “Wizard Connection Internet Setup” is a built-in helper for creating a connection to the network in an automatic mode, presented by D-Link. It makes it easier to connect to the Internet people who are not very much oriented in the virtual shell of the company.
    • To get the connection in manual mode, we tap into “Manual Setup Connection Internet”, without the influence of automation, more detailed connectivity to the Internet is possible.

How could I make changes to the setting of my newly purchased Dlink Router?

To manage the router as you go to the web interface

  • To try to change any settings on the D-Link router, you need to transition to the shell.
  • After the physical connection of the gadget to the PC or laptop was done via wires, start the browser and enter the address “” in the top line.
  • In a running browser, to enter the shell, you will be required to register a security and login (Password / User Name), the user name is admin, and you will need to write admin on the security code line or leave this field blank.

I am facing issue while setting up a web connection for my Dlink router. Please help me to solve this issue?


  • From the main section, we move to “CHANGES”, where we select “INTERNET”, the “Setup Manual Internet Connection Setup” button.
  • In “Internet Connection is:” select the value “PPPoE (User Name / Security Key)”.
  • “Address” prescribes the line “IP Dynamic”.
  • “User Name” / “Security characters” / “Re-enter the key”, we register the login for the connection received from the provider / letter and the security code digit to the Internet / redial of the entered characters.
  • Go to “Clone Your PC’s MAC Address”.
  • In the “Reconnect:” area, set “On Always”
  • The value of MTU (MTS) is set to 1472.
  • We enter the “Settings Save” and reboot the device.

For the better working of my Dlink Router. I want to update the software, but unfortunately, I am not able to do so. Help me?


  • You will need to download the firmware and install it on the router.
  • The firmware file has the .bin extension. Download the firmware to your computer.
  • In the main settings of the router in the “System” window, click the arrow, select “Software Update”:
  • A window with the Software Update options opens.
  • Click the “Browse” button and select the downloaded firmware on your computer. After that, click the “Update” button.

MAC address of the router: how to find it and where to look for the required data?

The easiest way to learn the MAC address of the router is simply to flip the device and on the sticker with the serial number to look at the desired parameter. If there is no sticker (or for some other reason you cannot see the MAC address in this way), then you should use the interface of the router itself.

  • How can I find out the MAC address of the d-link router?

In the browser, enter (or, then “login” and “password” – admin;

Find the “Status” section next “Device Info”.

  • How to block the MAC address in the router?

Add to your protection filtering by MAC-addresses. This way you can limit (or vice versa) access to the network for certain devices. It is best to create your own “white” list, i.e. open access, for

example, only two computers, and all others will be blocked by default. This method is much easier than blocking dozens of MAC-addresses in the black list. You must follow the below steps:

  1. 1. In the settings of the router, select “Firewall” – “Mac Filter”
  2. Click the “Add” button, write down the addresses, select the necessary rules and click “Apply”.

 Why it is important to configure the network security of a router?

The important point is to configure the router so that you can connect to it only with a password. This will exclude the possibility of connecting your neighbors to your Internet and prevent “theft” of traffic. We configure everything in the same “Setup” menu.

What steps need to be followed in order to configure a fix IP address of a Dlink router?

  • Return to the main settings menu by clicking “Settings”.
  • If you have the “Fixed IP-address” service connected or in parallel with the router to your dedicated channel an additional device is connected via a switch,
  • you need to enter “QWERTY1” in the field “Device name”:
  • Click the Apply button.
  • Save the router configuration by clicking on “Save”

Provide us a step by step guide for configuring a Dlink router?

Before setting up, ask the provider for the type of connection (PPPoE , PPTP, L2TP), type of IP address (static or dynamic), login and password. The Web interface is used to configure the router. To work with it, start the Web browser and enter the IP address of the modem ( In the User Name field, enter admin, leave the password field empty (by default, the password is not set).

Is it possible to configure wireless network through manual mode?

A wireless Wi-Fi network can be configured in both master mode and manual mode. Click manual configuration mode if you want to do it manually.

  • How the Wi-Fi network operation is get activated?

Go to the “Advanced Settings” menu and open Wi-Fi – the main settings. Fill the fields:

  • SSID – write the name of the network you invented;
  • for “Channel” select “Auto”;
  • For the “Wireless mode” setting, set the value to “802.11 B / G / N mixed”.
  • In the same way, open the “Security Settings” menu. Here you need to make a change to the fields:
  • Network Authentication – enter the name of the network.
  • PSK encryption key – in this section you specify the password for connecting to the Internet via Wi-Fi.
  • Save the changes with the “Apply” button.


It is possible that your computer does not support WI-FI technology, if you suddenly do not have the Wireless Network Connection icon in your network settings?

Yes, it is possible.

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