D-Link is a world-renowned brand in the production of wireless networking devices like the routers, modems, range repeaters, and the Ethernet cords etc. D-link routers and modems are much reliable in their usage as there are made with high-quality hardware and software both. The D-Link AC1750 EXO AC1900 router offers faster HD streaming and dual band frequencies for faster network data transmission etc.The D-Link wireless router users need to access the web setup domain of their D-link routers to setup and configure the router before it can be used in the live networking and internet services.

D-Link router setup through dlinkrouter.local instead of its default IP address

D-Link AC1750 EXO AC1900

  • D-Link doesn’t only deliver the hardware of networking related products but it also cares about the convenience of its users while they try to access their router for setup and configuration.
  • Setting up and configuring the D-Link router through its customized web domain is much easier compared to its default IP address.
  • Therefore, just access the web domain dlinkrouter.local in the address bar of the browser and hit enter.
  • Authenticate the login window with a default username and the password for which the default values are “admin” and “password”.
  • You will need to select the correct connection type for the successful internet service. PPPoE connection type works best for the Internet supply.
  • Click save and apply the changes tab and then click reboot now tab to make the changes effective on the router.
  • Your router will now be configured to the latest updated configuration settings and experience the blazing fast internet and network speed over your wireless network.

Important points to consider

  1. It is strongly recommended that you should use a wired Ethernet connection instead of the wireless one.
  2. Make sure the power supply to all the devices i.e. router, modem, and the computer system are backed up.
  3. There should be no interruptions in between the setup and configuration process of the router as any kind of obstacle between the setup processes can lead to device failure.

Various connection methods for setting up a connection between the router, modem and the computer system

The D-Link wireless router will always be needed to connect to the computer device through a stable and safe method. If the router is not connected to the modem and the computer system in advance, then you cannot configure your router for the networking purpose.

Following are the three ways to get your router connected to the computer.

  • WPS mode of connection
  • Ethernet cable connection
  • Wi-Fi Connection

WPS connection

The WPS mode of connection refers to the Wi-Fi protected setup connection. This method of getting your router connected to the computer system is the fastest wireless mode of connection. However, there are some limitations in using this mode of connection. The WPS connection cannot be established with the wireless networks that don’t support the latest security keys like WPA/WPA2 etc. The routers which still use the outdated WEP/WEP2 type security keys cannot be connected to the computer system through this method.

  • Just switch on the power supply of the router and wait for few indicator lights on the display panel of the router to get stable.
  • Now open the internet and Network settings button in the bottom right portion of your computer window.
  • Now, push the WPS button on the back or top of the router and wait for few seconds. The router will automatically detect your computer’s Wi-Fi connection availability and will get connected to your system within a fraction of second.

Ethernet cable connection (RJ45)

  • The Ethernet cable connection or we can say LAN cable connection requires the user to connect the modem to the WAN (internet) port of the router with an Ethernet cable.
  • This primary Ethernet cable for the Internet supply is usually yellow in color.
  • Now, connect the computer system to LAN port of the router. There are several LAN ports usually on the router. You just need to connect to one of the several LAN port.
  • Now switch on the whole network of devices and wait for them to boot up.

Wi-Fi connection

  • This is the most commonly used method of connecting the router to the computer device. This method of establishing the wireless connection between the router and the computer device is as easy as spoon feeding to someone.
  • What you need to do is just switch on the power supply of your D-Link router and computer (laptop/desktop), then just wait for few seconds till both the devices are stable and ready to be configured.
  • You can get the confirmation by seeing the Wi-Fi LED on the router, if it has become stable, you can connect your computer to it.
  • Open the Internet and network settings section in your PC and see the list of available wireless connections.
  • Click on your desired wireless network’s SSID name and you will be connected to it within a second. The system will not ask for a passkey at first because it is the first connection. However, it is advised that you should set up a tough password for logging in to the router.

Key points to note

  • All the above-mentioned methods of connection are specifically meant for the initial connection between the networking hardware and computer device.
  • You will need to configure your router and modem for internet and other networking services separately.
  • It is always advised that you should use a wired connection over the wireless one as it more reliable and the connection loss doesn’t really happen in the wired one.
  • For some specific tasks like router firmware update, the primary configuration of the router and router reset etc. always use a reliable power source so that the task hangs in the middle of nowhere and it can even lead to the firmware damage.


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